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The Vamps - Hurricane (Full Song)

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Hello lovelies! Today (sept. 6th) is the one year anniversary of my blog and I just want to say how grateful I am to be a part of this fandom. I never thought I would get anywhere close to receiving followers I have or the endless amount of love from the blogs below. Thank you to each and every one of you that follows me, I love all of you so much and here’s to another great year on Tumblr :)

a-b:  acousticmcveyadoretradleyadorevampsarticbradley, bananatris, begofmcvey, blazebrad, bradafarmbradleypimpson, bradleysbracelets, bradleysimpsen, bradleywillsimpsonbradleyysimps, bradscreambradslongtoes, bradsmipson, bradssimpson, butvamps

c-h: californianvampschasingthevamps, condoraball, connoradoraball, connorbaall, connorbals, connorlesscosmicbradley, cupoftris, cutebrad, dancingwithbradfckconnor, fourvamps, fruityhemmings, goldenvampsgoldhemmings, hitvamps,

i-r: jaffabradley, jamesquiff, jamiemcvey, jmcveys, justthevamps, lmaomcvey, mcevey, mcsimpson, mcveygod, mcveysball, meethevamps, melodicmcveyomfgconnor, omfgtris, omgconball, queenbrad, radbradley, radtradley, rhevamps, rncveys 

s-u: shoutmcvey, slutbrad, smilemcvey, smoshingconnorballstopbrad, sxmpson, tbhbradsimpson, thevampps, thevampsband, thevampscrew, thevampsfeels, thevampsofficial, thevampsperfection, thhevamps, tramess, trisevanns, trisevanswife, trisevs, trisfuckingevans, tristanevuns, tristanirwin, tristna, tristns

v-z: vampology, vampslamp, vampsluts, vampsofficial, vampsoverload, vampstheband, werethevamps, wethevamps, weyheyvamps, williambradley, worshipthevamps, wowvamps, xthevampss, yellowbetayhsimpson


this post won’t let me tag everyone so if you could reblog so people see it that would be nice :) also i’m so very sorry if i have misspelled your url or if i forgot to add you! if you ever want me to check out your blog just ask!


thank you so much lovely and congrats!! ♡

girlsontvamps said:   

« hii love follow back?? :)) vampette here xx »

hi following :)


This is my first FOLLOW FOREVER with my new url: DYLANHARRIES!

Since this is my first follow forever with DYLANHARRIES, a (relatively) new start, I decided to do this for you guys. To thank you for sticking with me after switching URLs, and countless different icons and obsessions, you will always be in my ♡. 

All of the blogs listed below are AMAZING, and totally worth following, the ones in italics are blogs and/or people I could not LIVE without, wether that is because I wish with my soul that we were mutuals because I worship them so much, or because they are some of my best friends. So thank you to you specifically.

I probably forgot like EVERYONE because my memory is shit, as you should ALL BE 100% AWARE OF. But please don’t be sad because I love you even if you’re not on here and even if I’m not following you. 

To start this with a bang, I’ll start with my best friend in the entire world, and friendship soulmate, the famous (hopefully asap) Rachel:

If you don’t mind (WHICH YOU BETTER NOT) I’ll just get sappy for a second here. Rachel is the person I reach out to even if were 6 hours apart, she’s my favourite person offline and online and I’m SO BEOND thankful for her being in my life. I will never be able to thank her enough for being the supportive, beautiful, and most caring friend I’m beyond lucky to have. Thank you, I love you. (that wasn’t so sappy but you have no right to be upset because you KNOW how much you mean to me)

Please go over to her louissaintlaurent blog and give her some love.


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thank you so much lovely!! ♡ ilysm

lovestrucking said:   

« Hey, I made this edit blog, lovestrucking (mostly a the vamps blog but i post other celebs too, well in the process of doing so), so that way I wouldn't have to post my edits on my personal. I really want to get my edits noticed bc I take a lot of time working on them for people to enjoy reblogging. It would mean a lot to me if you would reblog some of them if you want. Thank you xo. »

hey your edits are amazing, keep posting. you’re welcome xo

Tristan Evans, James McVey & Brad Simpson at The Morning Show in Toronto | August 14th, 2014

What do you think success is? Having an excuse to play music and be with your best friends all day, everyday.

Connor Ball leaving his hotel in Toronto | August 15th, 2014 (x)

Meet The Vamps Album | Song Titles + First lines part 1 x

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